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Rana  Safadi


Rana A. Safadi is an artist of the mystical, the emotional and the spiritual. She was

born in Amman; studied literature, arts and tourism in Jordan, Austria and France.

During a regionally very well regarded career, her work has travelled a trajectory

of fine art investigations. Evolving and exploring, she first used photography as a

medium before turning to oil paint and soon after, mixed media with oil.


She published a book entitled “Letters of Gold: State of the Spirit” where she

has presented a map of the heart, her inspirations as well as her artistic vision.


Rana organizes and guides cultural and art tours in Jordan. She is intimately

acquainted with its rich history, diverse cultures and contemporary geography

and dynamics. Throughout her career, she has been involved with a variety of international organization in project management, development,

events management arts, public diplomacy, tourism, business development and consultancy. 

Rana has excellent communication skills and has a vast network of expertise

in a variety of fields. She also masters few languages (Arabic, English, French, and German). With a background in the arts and development, Rana will creatively

contribute to the Beyond Design House.


Dima Darwazeh

Co-Founder & Art Director

Ahmad Badran

 Graphic Designer

Majdi Saadi

Financial Department

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